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I am new; need a bit of help with Myst 3

Hey there. I am new to this community and just happened to find it while looking for an updater thing for Myst III: Exile. (I don't know how that happened, but I'm here now!)

So, does anyone know how I can get Myst II: Exile to work on OS X.. I have 10.3.5. It crashes as soon as I open it and say "Error: Unable to locate JPEG # 100" or something.
I tried downloading two updaters but when I tried opening one it said cannot find the file "myst iii exile" and the other was a v1.222 or something and the same thing with the crashing happened.

Umm HI! Since I am new I will say that I am also new to Macintosh games, but not to Macs. I just got a new 512MB RAM card and that's why I'm all into the Mac games now.

Bye for now
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