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Question for the Mac users of "The Sims"

I have Superstar and Unleashed now. Problem is, I can't play them unless I upgrade my OS system to 9.2.2 . I currently run 9.1. I've been given permission to use our old non-used Imac with 9.2.2, but I seem to be having problems installing Livin' Large on it.

Whenever I try to install anything after Livin' Large --or-- play it I get this error message:

The Path "Mac The Sims" contains a slash\ blacklash/ or period. Please remove the character from the appriate folder's name and try again"

Anyone have a friggin' clue of what 'n the hay I should do? I thought maybe I'm having this problem because I skipped installing "House Party" (due to the fact it was simply out of stock and I'd have to order it at full price from Aspyr.com ), but I think it might be something more.

If anyone here has experienced such a problem and has managed to overcome it --or-- knows what to do, please lend me a helping hand. I'm dying to get Unleashed working. I want to add some kitties to my household! :)

If no one here can help me I'll just have to bug Aspyr.com and HOPE they can help me. =_=;;

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